JAMBALA, it has been said, is a secluded surf spot known for its magnificence.

Along the coast of southern California, about an hours drive from Santa Barbara, is where you can find this hidden treasure known to most as Jalama (pronounced halama) Beach.

Mast high waves and strong northwesterly winds that blow parallel to the shore are part of what make this spot so alluring.

Beauty and serenity surround the beach's wild and untamed waters and make this destination
more than worthwhile.

A side from its obvious appeal, Jalama, which in the Chewmash Indian language means "place of changing winds," is said to inspire a sense of freedom and peace among all who visit.

Longing for adventure, it was surfers who first sought out this wondrous place and continue to do so even today.

Aware that it was truly a private paradise on earth, these surfers, who wanted to keep the beach's exact location a secret, began calling it JAMBALA.